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Quality at all times for your projects seek to highlight their investments.

Equipo y Tecnologías TNGLASS

TN GLASS began manufacturing operations and services for tempering glass, windows, and windows in 2015. With a focus on meeting the demand of the local and regional market, it has managed to consolidate itself as an important company in our industry by providing confidence to customers. customers


Protect your projects with the best tempered glass 

Our mission as a glass tempering company is to manufacture products and offer services tailored to the specifications of our clients. Always offering a range of products and services  developed to the needs of the market.

Highly trained staff in constant innovation to give you the best products.

We have specialized human resources to provide service to customers, optimize floor production, and senior management with extensive experience.

Equipo Humano de TNGLASS

We manage all your projects to meet and exceed your expectations

The market is constantly changing and there are always new risks that we have to face. For TN Glass it is important to continue strengthening our competitive advantages to remain the best option for our clients.

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